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January 4, 2015

This Is How Many Pretty Good Comics Shows There Are Now


So I was goofing off the other day and wondering how many comics show I might like to do in 2015, thinking it would be a maximum of five. I came up with thirteen. Thirteen. And this is leaving off a couple of shows where there are conflicts (MoCCA vs. SPACE, for example).

* Emerald City Comic-Con (March 27-29)
* WonderCon (April 3-5)
* SPACE (April 11-12)
* Linework NW (April 18-19)
* TCAF (May 8-10
* CAKE (June 6-7)
* Heroes Con (June 19-21)
* Comic-Con International (July 8-12)
* Autoptic (August 8-9)
* SPX (September 19-20)
* CXC (Launch Party October 2-3)

So there's that. And I'm probably forgetting one or two to which I've already committed to and two to three to which I'm dying to go.

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