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May 22, 2018

This Isn’t A Library: New, Notable Releases Into Comics’ Direct Market



Here are the books that make an impression on me staring at this week's no-doubt largely accurate list of books shipping from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. to comic book and hobby shops across North America.

I might not buy all of the works listed here. I might not buy any. You never know. I'd sure look at the following, though.


I have a significant level of curiosity about this book, which friends of mine have seen in various stages of production. It's certainly an interesting match of cartoonist and subject matter, an there's an underlying no-fucks quality to all the top UK newspaper cartoonists that might be intriguing to see in play.

imageFEB180483 COIN OP COMICS ANTHOLOGY HC 1997-2017 $29.99
This is the book of this week that feels absolutely out of left field, a collection of Peter and Maria Hoey, stretching back to the BLAB! days. I'm game, and am grateful for its existence beyond my personal interest.

I'm not sure where this fits in with the various printings of Mouse Guard out there, but I'm happy to see different variations of the work put out into the market. I will always think that these comics are a bit undervalued in their marketplace and one path out of that position is working in as many formats as can be sold..

MAR181255 LUMBERJANES #50 $4.99
MAR188485 TERRIFICS #1 2ND PTG $2.99
MAR180641 BEEF #4 (OF 5) (MR) $3.99
MAR180786 BLACK PANTHER #1 $4.99
Weird comic book week, at least from my perspective. The first two I included because the issue numbers were relatively high. The third I've listed because I forgot about the serialization of this series am pretty sure I'm not the only one. Haven't seen a lot of the artist-focuse series that DC announced recently get additional printing attention, although I'll admit that's the first think I look for. I'm enjoying this new Shaky Kane book although probably a little bit less than some of these. Black Panther I assume will be a cornerstone of Marvel's soft reboot, but I'm hearing so little about those efforts I wonder to what effect.

imageMAR181862 WINNER GN $18.00
This is Karl Stevens' effort from the Retrofit crowd-funder, and probably the most affecting thing he's done. There's a slight scatter of narratives here, as befits a book about making choices between media: the media used often make Stevens' choice for him, and that may become as he gets older and factors other than a desire to do a certain kind of work may weigh in with a vote. It's perhaps the best book on third-step ennui from any modern cartoonist, with so much of what Stevens feels coming out in the drawings themselves.

FEB180484 JOHNNY BOO HC VOL 08 $9.99
Volume eight! James Kochalka is almost too prolific for the bookstore-market era.

I don't know that I've looked at a lot of Mike Allred separate from more direct narrative demands, and it might be an excellent way to enjoy that work.

I don't know much about Baron Yoshimoto but the quality of the drawing makes me feel that I've missed out.

Here's the one that will actually get me into the store this week. Jaime stepped back from his issues #1-3 narrative for an issue, so I'm stuck wondering what's next. That's a great place to be 30-plus years in with an author.


The full list of this week's releases, including some titles with multiple cover variations and a long, impressive list of toys and other stuff that isn't comics, can be found here. Despite this official list there's no guarantee a comic will show up in the stores as promised, or in all of the stores as opposed to just a few. Also, stores choose what they carry and don't carry so your shop may not carry a specific publication. There are a lot of comics out there.

To find your local comic book store, check this list; and for one I can personally recommend because I've shopped there, albeit a while back, try this.

The above titles are listed with their Diamond order code in the first field, which may assist you in finding comics at your shop or having them order something for you they don't have in-stock. Ordering through a direct market shop can be a frustrating experience, so if you have a direct line to something -- you know another shop has it, you know a bookstore has it -- I'd urge you to consider all of your options.

If I failed to list your comic, that's because I hate you.



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