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April 11, 2012

This Isn’t A Library: Notable Releases To The Comics Direct Market


Here are the books that make an impression on me staring at this week's no-doubt largely accurate list of books shipping from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. to comic book and hobby shops across North America.

I might not buy all of the works listed here. I might not buy any. You never know. I'd sure look at the following, though.


JAN120970 PETE AND MIRIAM GN (MR) $14.99
Hey, a new Rich Tommaso release. As I recall, this is work that was started here (as one of the last-wave Alternative Comics offerings) but then continued in collected form from a European publisher.

imageJAN121289 SLAM DUNK GN VOL 21 $9.99
This is the broadly-appealing manga selection of the week; I'm glad that Slam Dunk looks to have the momentum to finish this time out, as sports comics are a dicey proposition no matter their provenance.

FEB120291 NORTHLANDERS #50 (MR) $2.99
JAN128160 GLORY #24 VAR CVR 2ND PTG $2.99
FEB120503 GLORY #25 $2.99
FEB120519 SAGA #2 (MR) $2.99
FEB120640 SECRET SERVICE #1 (OF 7) (MR) $2.99
FEB120869 ADVENTURE TIME #3 $3.99
It's a strange week for stand-alone comic books in that there's a lot of stuff out, from Mignola to the latest in the high fantasy/science fiction Image revival, but not a lot tat leaps out at me as something I'd travel to the comics shop to buy. I do have some curiosity about the Adventure Time comics, which I haven't seen yet; this one features a back-up from the sublimely prolific Michael Deforge.

FEB120642 GOLDFISH GN HC (MR) $24.99
Early Brian Michael Bendis, which along with the new Mark Millar series debut make this a pretty big week for Marvel's creator-owned efforts.

FEB120399 OZ TREASURY ED $9.99
Two from IDW featuring formidable mostly indy-comics/sometimes mainstream comics artists. This is the kind of thing for which comics shops and the ability to browse were made.

I think I'm more interested that this corporate history is coming out at all than I am in reading it again, although my memory is that it was perfectly fine. I saw someone describe Kitchen Sink as a failed company because they closed down not in an ideal way, but anything that lasts 25 years and more seems a success to me.

JAN121253 UNTERZAKHN GN $24.95
Begin strong, end strong; you have a week. This is the new Leela Corman and is as big a bunch of stand-alone, you-haven't-seen-them-yet comics as you're likely to see all year.


The full list of this week's releases, including some titles with multiple cover variations and a long, impressive list of toys and other stuff that isn't comics, can be found here. Despite this official list there's no guarantee a comic will show up in the stores as promised, or in all of the stores as opposed to just a few. Also, stores choose what they carry and don't carry so your shop may not carry a specific publication. There are a lot of comics out there.

To find your local comic book store, check this list; and for one I can personally recommend because I've shopped there, albeit a while back, try this.

The above titles are listed with their Diamond order code in the first field, which may assist you in finding comics at your shop or having them order something for you they don't have in-stock. Ordering through a direct market shop can be a frustrating experience, so if you have a direct line to something -- you know another shop has it, you know a bookstore has it -- I'd urge you to consider all of your options.

If I failed to list your comic, that's on me. I apologize.



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