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March 25, 2010

This Twilight Thing May Be Popular

imagePreviously measured in such terms as box office performance, mentions of its stars on entertainment shows relative to that box office performance and the number of tour buses hitting Forks, Washington, the Twilight phenomenon extended into a new area of proclaimed public relevance by moving 66,000 copies of a comics version drawn by Korean artist Young Kim. Publisher Yen Press declared this a record, and there's no reason to doubt them. While the sales were only 1 in 60 over the same period of the movie spin-off of the Stephanie Meyer novel, comics works according to a different scale. One interesting thing that popped up was a comics culture-centric criticism of the ham-fisted lettering techniques, meaning that it was noticed by folks with more of a comics background rather than it being a complaint that erupted from the more general readership of the book. It's also the kind of craft thing that under almost any circumstances wouldn't have a big enough effect on the reading experience to damage initial sales, but could conceivably have an effect on how big a hit the book becomes as the series progresses.
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