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September 18, 2007

Thor #337 Was Published 24 Years Ago


Mike Sterling remembers how blown away he was by the above issue of Marvel's Thor comic book, featuring a radical departure in plot and approach by distinguished mainstream comics vet Walt Simonson. I think it's worth noting not as a commentary on Sterling being jaded or not -- Sorry, Mike -- but because it's the kind of publishing maneuver that is almost never pursued in that end of comics these days. Radical departures are not only a dime a dozen these days but they a) tend not to deliver as effectively as this one did nor embody the same level of commitment to changing things up, b) tend not to feature as a part of the overall shift in the status quo as different an approach to art as Simonson's work in a Thor title dominated in its history by sturdy clones of Jack Kirby or John Buscema, c) tend not to take place in the middle of an ongoing title as opposed to a re-launch or a line-wide mini-series. Posters (this comic had one) and mentions in the Amazing Heroes Preview Special aside, my gut tells me there was something sturdier about an era defined by these long-running titles going through well-received runs as opposed to the manufactured feeling of the event comics age.
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