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January 2, 2007

Tiberio Colantuoni, 1935-2007


Tiberio Colantuoni, the creator of the popular feature Bongo and a prolific illustrator responsible for a variety of series for various European publishing houses, died on January 1. Colantuoni was trained as a ceramics painter and worked in that field as a teacher before moving into comics in the mid-1950s, initially attending a separate school in Milan to help enable that transition and learning some of the technical basics from Benito Jacovitti. Turning down a position working in ceramics art, in 1954 Colantuoni enjoyed the professional breakthrough that led to his long career.

Colantuoni initially drew series for the publishing houses Alpe and Bianconi, where in 1955 he created Bongo, a feature he would later return to and refine. After working for a brief period in the early 1960s in a daily newspaper, Colantuoni worked on Fix and Foxi with Rolf Kauka for Kauka Verlag. That lasted until 1970, when the artist said his contacts at the publishers changed and he no longer received assignments. Since 1974, Colantuoni drew several Disney projects for Italian publications.

There is a sweet testimony to the artist's personality and artistic contributions here. A funeral is planned for Wednesday.
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