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November 29, 2004

Generation Manga

imageThrough the Active Anime site comes two English-language articles I think worth a look, the former more than the latter. The first, complete with quotes from the appropriate persons at Los Angeles-based manga giant Tokyopop, makes an argument that manga has become a dominant medium of expression for Americans of a certain age right down to the way they would choose to draw a human face (or the hair on top of it). The second suggests a bit of the weirdness in which some American fans stew where manga and anime are the main ingredients, which I throw in because it seems even weirder to me not knowing much about these fan communities.

Also, thanks to Mr. Melrose for the kick in the pants reminding me I now have a highly appropriate place to link to this article from the comics-friendly literary-focused sex site that describes differences in approach to yaoi (defined here) between Japanese and American authors/publishers/fans.
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