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March 30, 2011

Tom Tomorrow Joins Daily Kos As Comics Editor

imageTom Tomorrow of This Modern World announced on his blog yesterday that he will be the new comics editor at the site Daily Kos, ending an association with Salon that lasted 10 billion years in Internet time. His post provides all the context necessary as to why this is an important story: the end of Salon's original run of alt-weekly cartoonists, the fact that at one time comics seemed a much more attractive option for such sites than you might guess from what's out there right now, the precarious market for alt-weekly cartoonists in the present market. It should be interesting to see what comics he brings to the new space, and how they might function within the site given all the different ways people get at sites that have developed since the older days of the comics Internet Tomorrow nobly represents.

Last This Modern World at Salon here.
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