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March 29, 2007

Top Cow Downloads Are Now Live

In one of those moves that feels like a signpost on the momentum highway, the comics business news and analysis site reports that Top Cow has made the first of its comics available through IGN's Direct2Drive digital retail store. The report says that 400 comics will be made available through the service, which includes movies and games, by year's end. The price will be $1.99, $1 off of the typical price point, at least for now, and no work less than a year old will be uploaded, say officials.

Finding a way to make comics available to fans who want them on-line without causing a giant backlash in traditional retail outlets is an issue on every publisher's minds and will be until commitments are made by the largest companies with the biggest back catalogs. Top Cow may be best known for publishing fantasy-adventure comics featuring female protagonists bearing 1990s-style idealized pin-up figures. It's unclear with these moderately sized companies how valuable their back catalogs are, so this should be interesting in that sense as well.
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