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December 3, 2007

Tribune Media Services Sued Over Shoe


In what reads like an excellent, concise news story, Dave Astor has received documents that indicate Blue Ridge Salvage, the company owned by Jeff MacNelly widow Susie MacNelly and responsible for the production of the comic strip Shoe, has sued Tribune Media Services in order to facilitate a transfer of that strip from TMS to King Features Syndicate.

At issue is a letter signed by TMS in 2000 and whether or not it or the 1995 contract which it references allows the syndicate to refuse to allow the move. At stake is the feature's approximate 600-paper client base, potential licensing revenue Blue Ridge Salvage believes is possible at King Features, a six-figure bonus mentioned in the documents that will be due Blue Ridge Salvage if they make the move, and the status that TMS has enjoyed working with MacNelly's popular strip -- MacNelly was an enormously popular editorial cartoonist for the related TMS newspaper company Chicago Tribune, and that strip has been that company's modern flagship and a significant player on a roster dominated by classics from the first half of the 20th Century.
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