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January 7, 2015

Two Key Company Personnel Moves: Doyle, Sunu

* a pair of you sent along this interview at ComicsAlliance with the current Batman Group Editor Mark Doyle pointing out that Doyle moving to Burbank and continuing in that job is key for DC Comics moving forward. You won't get an argument from me about Doyle's importance to DC. His seems to me the strongest group of titles that DC's superhero division offers up, maybe by a wide margin. I just hadn't known his move was in doubt.

* congratulations to my peer Steve Sunu, recently of Comic Book Resources, on his move to Dark Horse to assume a PR role. I always like pointing out that the Dark Horse hires not only win that rare salaried job in comics, they've also won the lottery of being able to move to that wonderful city of Portland with a job in hand. There are very few jobs for people to find after they move to Portland.
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