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December 13, 2007

Two Major On-Line Comics Stories

* the New York Times gets into the on-line for free/pay for print model used to successful effect by Diary of a Wimpy Kid and now Shooting War, and provides some helpful numbers in understanding that success. That likely means this set-up is now a huge deal or it's totally over, I can't tell.

* the writer Warren Ellis notes that we are one week away from a downloadable version of 2000 AD getting its start. This interests me because the model seems a lot more like the one that I think will -- or should -- become an industry standard: a publisher putting out an on-line version of a print product in addition to that print product as a way to reach potential readers who have a hard time being served by existing distribution methods but have no desire to download illegally. I mean, I would totally buy a 99-cent Hate Annual today if one were available to me.
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