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June 23, 2009

UK Prison Paper Levitzes Edition With Pig In Turban; Feared Insulting System’s Muslim Population

A prison newspaper servicing facilities in the United Kingdom pulped a recent issue out of a concern that it might upset the system's Muslim population, which may make up approximately 10 percent of the total inmate population. The cartoon in question featured a pig in a turban in service of a joke about the swine flu being an Osama Bin Laden-led plot to rid the world of pork. I imagine that commentary will be split between calling the move overly politically correct and pointing out that fake cartoons relating Muhammed to a pig were a significant part of what drove initial, hostile reaction to the Danish Cartoons. Also, as I recall, the UK was one of the few places -- maybe the only place? -- where protesters made their way into the general prison population on charges related to those demonstrations.
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