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January 8, 2007

Umran Javed Convicted on Friday

Umran Javed, a 27-year-old British Muslim who participated in protests outside the Danish Embassy last February because of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed that appeared in a Denmark newspaper in 2005, was convicted of incitement to murder and race hatred on Friday. Javed was caught on videotape, and his defense was that chant to bomb Denmark and the United States was off-the-cuff sloganeering.

Javed is the second British Muslim convicted in relation to the Danish Cartoons protests, after Mizanur Rahman was convicted of incitement in November.

Both cases have feature a couple of potentially explosive political elements: the genuine outrage that several citizens felt about the extreme tenor of the protest as recorded by British media, and a suspicion articulated in what I would describe as more left-leaning circles when the protesters were arrested that this was less for the Danish protests and more the police targeting some troublesome, frequent agitators with the February protest footage giving them a great chance to get them off the street.
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