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October 19, 2004

Viz Drops Fat Slags Because of Movie

imageIn a move that might give the typical North American comics publisher a heart attack, the British humor magazine Viz has decided to drop its 15-year, popular and arguably signature feature in protest of the treatment it received in the current film version starring Fiona Allen and Sophie Thompson. According to the BBC report which has been widely replicated and bounced around UK media sources, the editor and artist Graham Drury was so dismayed by his characters' treatment on film, and how much of the film's plot works against the core concept, that he has made public his desire to never draw them again. A report in the Guardian says that the characters' final appearance will be in an anniversary issue out next week.

The movie opened on Friday in the United Kingdom without a premiere to blistering reviews, including the suggestion from one critic that scooping one's eyes out would be preferable to seeing it.
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