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June 12, 2009

Warm Moments And Minor Glitches

Okay, I can't help but point out a few more things from MoCCA 2009, the link-blog gift that keeps giving. One thing I can't deny is that there's been more potent writing and compelling first-person coverage about/of this show than any in memory:

* D&Q's flickr set has a few great photos that didn't make it into anyone's con report, including this video footage from a house party. I also stole the set's name for this post's title.

* ground zero for this year's run of "wow, that was unpleasant" testimony, Evan Dorkin responds to some of his critics and addresses what he feels is an odd situation of pre-selling tables for a show that hasn't been scheduled yet when there are penalties for backing out.

* Pat Lewis recommends work he got from female creators.

* a hearty Son of the South with no heat complaints, Ed Sizemore at Comics Worth Reading offers up a lengthy report that I liked because it had a couple of points that no one else mentioned: there was no place to sit down, and some of the comics cost too much.

* finally, Richard Wylfin made walk-through videos:

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