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December 7, 2006

What FBoFW Fans Want For Christmas


I'm not much for commenting on comic storylines, but while it's not as grand a return to form as Doonesbury achieved with its BD-related strips the last couple of years, it's worth noting how much passion Lynn Johnston is whipping up with her "Who Will Liz Patterson End Up With?" saga in the steadily winding down For Better Or For Worse. Not only is there on-line wailing in horror at potential future plotlines, but I heard someone talking about this at the food co-op.

The three interesting things about the whole affair are that 1) fans are referencing both the strips and the fact that Johnston is ending the strip as fuel for thinking something major is going to happen in Liz's love life, 2) fan opinion against potential life partner and former childhood boyfriend Anthony may be more heavily weighed against him than any character in comic book history and can only be described as furious hatred, bringing with it hilarity, and 3) no one really has any idea where Johnston is going with this -- it's perfectly conceivable Paul could show up and propose, leading to a May wedding, or that he could dump her and Johnston really thinks Anthony is dreamy.

(For the record, this writer is anti-Anthony, pro-anybody else, up to and including Snuffy Smith)
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