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November 15, 2010

Wife Of Suspended Cartoonist: Disciplinary Actions Vs. Husband Unfair; May Be Liberal Appeasement

Colleen Rustad, the wife of Steve Rustad, a freelance cartoonist that suffered a suspension from his gig at the Argus-Courier in Petaluma because of work he did on a political campaign, has fired back at the newspaper and its policy, declaring it unfair on a variety of levels and suggesting that Rustad's suspension was politically motivated. It seems to me not the most compelling set of arguments for a variety of reasons, starting with the totemic employment of liberal-values bogeyman New York Times (which apparently has so little going on that as a collective hive mind they can make decisions to mess with freelancer Steve Rustad) and then working your way downward to about 18 other things. (Arguing the majority of the assertions made affords them substance they haven't earned on their own, so I'll pass unless challenged.) I do think she has a point that the policy is broad and dangerously open to interpretation. Unfortunately, I think that providing work to a political campaign of rough equivalency with the work you provide a newspaper covering that campaign would be way out of bounds even if the strictest definitions were employed. It's also news worth noting that the paper suspended Rustad's blog platform in addition to not using his cartoons for a undetermined length of time.
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