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January 11, 2005

Will Eisner Remembered Overseas

The reacton of European fans and artists to the passing of Will Eisner early last week has rolled out at a slighly slower pace than North America's, but with just as much sentiment. The Angoueleme Festival remembers a favorite, honored guest in Will Eisner in part through the publication of an interview on their much-trafficked site, while Italian cartoonists are compiling their signatures and well-wishes for a document to be presented to Eisner's surivors and his longtime agent and friend Denis Kitchen.

Because of requests from this site's readers in Europe, the list of links to Eisner-related memorials and remembrances will be placed in the Commentary section, where it should be easier to find, for the remainder of January. Some of the links added in just the last few days include people like Marv Wolfman, Gary Sassaman, Joe Zabel and Joann Sfar.
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