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August 5, 2005

WizardWorld Chicago Is Happening Now

Much of the American mainstream comic book industry and a small number of members of other facets will be within helicoptering distance of Chicago at this weekend's WizardWorld convention in Rosemont, Illinois.

There are sure to be 1800 announcements about Big Company publishing news -- who's doing what to whom according to the dictates of whozits in various manufactured sell-outs from now until Christmas. Anything major I will cover here by Monday at the latest by snottily piggybacking on the efforts of my more diligent peers. I recommend keeping your browser keyed to Jen Contino's Army at The Pulse and Matt Brady at Newsarama if you can't wait to hear me blather or have a huge appetite for this stuff.

As this weekend's con takes place on the set of the City of Domes (a series of connected hotels and event halls), far, far away from Chicago proper, it's probably the closest thing the mainstream comics crowd experiences to the summer camp feel of Small Press Expo. If you are interested in finding out about the after hours stuff, I'm sure Heidi MacDonald at The Beat will have this angle covered, and then tell us what it all meant on a weekday soon after.

Me, I'll be here in New Mexico watching a Star Trek: Hidden Frontier marathon.
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