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February 13, 2006

WonderCon is a Wrap


Maybe North America's only remaining mid-major, old-fashioned comic book convention, San Francisco's WonderCon, has come and gone over the weekend just past, showing the con gods picked the correct coast on the correct weekend to kick off the 2006 convention season.

Newsarama covered the bahooliosis out of the show's various publishing news panels. I'd quote liberally from their reports and make one of my own, but that wouldn't be fair to their hard work. So if you have interest in the publishing news portion of the mainstream American comic book industry, you might check out some of the following: WonderCon: DC Crisis Counseling Panel, WonderCon: CMX/Wildstorm Panel, WonderCon: Mark Waid Spotlight, WonderCon: Peter David Spotlight, WonderCon: Dark Horse Panel, WonderCon: DC Universe 2006, WonderCon: Grant Morrison Spotlight, WonderCon: Vertigo Panel, or WonderCon: DCU Architects. I'll try to update this if any more scroll out on their site.

The big piece of publishing news, a writer/property connection that has probably spawned the most discussion in comics circles, confuses me a bit because I thought it was already common knowledge.

Wait, maybe this is the biggest news. I don't know. It's funnier, anyway.

Ian Brill, a Bay Area resident who covers comics for various publications has three related blog entries: Friday, Saturday, his weekend purchases.

Peter David is happy about his big announcement.

Scott Saavedra reports here.'s correspondent files here. Here is someone's photo slideshow thingee. There are like a billion other personal blog entries out there, too.

potential compromise alert: WonderCon's parent company is a CR advertiser
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