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August 5, 2005

WizardWorld Chicago Pros Back CBLDF

imageIn terms of recent comics-observing thrills, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing the mainstream portion of the American comic book industry swing towards greater support of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. It's an important time for the Fund as they settle into new offices in New York City while managing the very important Gordon Lee case in Georgia. A collapse in fundraising momentum could slow the Fund's activity level until energy was expended to catch up again, and everyone interested in the continued dissemination of comic books in North America could potentially suffer for a CBLDF that had to focus extra effort into that area when there's so much other work to be done.

I periodically ask you consider joining the CBLDF as a member, and do so again today. It is the cost of approximately one softcover graphic novel plus one volume of manga. In addition, or even if you pass, please consider making the CBLDF booth an early stop in your big-convention visits, including this weekend's Wizard fest in Chicago. They always have something worth buying or a promotion worth buying into.

I remember attending with a family member either the last independent Chicago show or the first Wizard one and stopping for a soda at a table where also sat former CBLDF Executive Director Susan Alston and the gentleman after whom the lead character in Spawn was named. After a long conversation about general free speech issues of the day, our tablemates left. My brother remarked dryly, "It's good when the superheroes are in full support of the First Amendment."

Yes, it is.

I believe this is an old membership card.
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