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February 23, 2006

Your Daily Danish Cartoons Update

* The following are links to news of protests, political developments, economic boycotts, cartoonist reaction and editorial decision-making that can be linked back to Denmark's Jyllands-Posten newspaper publishing 12 cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammed last Fall. (timeline; cartoons)

* What I initially thought was double-reporting on the Nigerian riots is actually back and forth between upset Muslims and Christians reacting to those upset Muslims, with increasing violence on both sides. If there's an even slightly comics/cartoon-related headline more horrifying, more heartbreaking than "Corpses Burn on Streets of Nigerian City," I don't ever want to see it. In other protests, 1000 people took back to the streets this morning in Indonesia, as the Danish ambassador's return this week has given protests slightly new life -- someone's building to march in front of, I guess.

* I'm not seeing much in the way of political manuevering. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi came out against the cartoons, perhaps spurred on by poltical considerations surrounding Libya that are recapped in this article.

image* The American political cartoonist Tim Kreider has uploaded his hopeful winner in an Iranian paper's Holocaust cartoon contest to his site. As you might be able to make out at right, the title is "Silver Linings of the Holocaust." Tim's a smart writer, too, so definitely click on the link to his statement about the cartoon. In less incendiary cartoonist-reaction news, Mikhaela Reid was interviewed on the subject.

* Universities are still struggling with printing the original cartoons, although it's likely this group of stories goes away pretty soon.

* Although most North American newspapers played ostrich long enough to avoid the issue of whether or not to print the cartoons, one still sees the occasional explanatory editorial. Various newspeople will discuss the issue tomorrow in a special symposium in D.C. Over in Great Britain, there's been almost no publication, to the point that a leaflet by a political party has caused as much consternation as ten nationals re-publishing might have caused here.
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