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August 22, 2017

You Know What King Kirby And Stan The Man Didn’t Need? Lenticular Covers…

Here. As I understand it, Marvel has misjudged the popularity of their books during a promotion designed to heart-paddle some life back into the line. In using variant covers to goose orders this not-really-a-relaunch, Marvel has made a popular-looking cover art strategy dependent on extremely hard-to-reach-and-stay-solvent sales points rather than something more modest and achievable to varying degrees throughout the sales profile of the average shop that would like to stay in existence.

I've never bought a special stamp let alone a special comic-book cover, and in the end no matter the short-term benefit it's not healthy for things to be sold in a crappy market that are extensively disconnected from people's desire for the content involved. Marvel shouldn't need retailers to tell them this, and if they do need to hear it they should make it before the point after which reform is possible.
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