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March 15, 2006

“You’ll Be Stone Dead In a Moment”

I thought there was a 40-50 percent chance that FM International's Wayne Markley would stick his head out of CBG's carefully-constructed wheelbarrow and declare his company not dead yet, and lo and behold, there he is on PWCW making that very claim. Certainly without a web site or a phone number, FM isn't functioning right now, and PWCW's quick approximation of debt the distributor likely bears from just two semi-sizeable clients -- plus however many more feet there are to FM's hole from all the clients owed lesser amounts -- make a recovery in the sense any of us would think of the company getting back up off the mat and resuming business so unlikely the most desperate British bookie would pass on posting odds. While no one's flipped the light switch yet on their way out the door, at this point the power's been turned off so I'm not sure the direction of the lightswitch really matters to anyone except Markley.

Again, I would suggest that the broader story that will develop here isn't the symbolic one about Diamond's dominance of the Direct Market, but the more fundamental issue of the loss of specific services provided to specific stores by FM and what that means to the overal fabric of how the DM works.
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