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June 23, 2006

Your 2006 Max and Moritz Winners


The 2006 Max and Moritz Award Winners, given out at the Comic Salon at Erlangen on June 17. (English translation of titles provided by the awards.)

Best German-Speaking Artist: Volker Reiche
Best Comic Strip: Doonesbury, Garry Trudeau
Best German-Speaking Comic: The Feeling of Unease, Nicolas Mahler
Best International Comic: The Innocents, Gipi
Best Manga: Barefoot Through Hiroshima, Keiji Nakazawa
Best Comic For Kids: Jonas Blondal, Jens Ehrenreich
Best Scenario: Max Goldt
Special Prize Of The Jury: Ralf Konig, for his statements on the Muhammed Cartoons
Special Prize For Outstanding Lifetime Achievement: Jacques Tardi

The Jury this year was Bodo Birk, Hendrik Dorgathen, Andrea Fiala de Ayerbe, Lutz Gollner, Harald Havas, Herbert Heinzelmann, Andreas Platthaus, Denis Scheck, Jan Taussig.

photo provided by the Awards. I have no idea if these are awards winners or jury members, but American awards programs really need to start handing out giant, flat baskets


Great follow-up letter from Paul Karasik:

Hi Tom:

Here's the scoop on those Max und Moritz basket awards. In addition to getting a simple certificate, each winner receives a nice big basket filled with an enormous focaccia-thick bread sculpture of Max and Moritz, themselves. You may recall from one of the most reprinted comics of all time the famous sequence by Busch of the two Katzenjammer prototypes torturing the baker and eventually ending up in the oven and coming out as loaves in the shape of Max and Moritz. Every year some lucky Erlangen baker gets to spend a few days leading up to the ceremony making these. Recipients may then choose to shallac the thing and hang it in the den, use it as a doormat, or as shown in the attached pic, eat it right after the show to revive the blood sugar that was depleted during the unbelievably long awards ceremony made even more painful if you are American (like me), or Italian (like everyone in this photo) and do not understand much German.


Left to right: Illustrator, Lucia Mattioli; Maestro, Lorenzo Mattotti; Napoli comics con organizer, Claudio Curico; Cartoonist and Grad-Slam Award Winner, Gipi; and a part of Cartoonist Gabriella Giandelli.

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