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July 19, 2006

Your 2006 San Diego Con Update

Comic-Con International unofficially kicked off last night at the San Diego Convention Center with its Preview Night, an added attraction as of three or four years ago now whereby four-day badge holders, pros and press can hit the convention floor and do some early buying and mingling. Most of those not exhibiting seem to like it. Many exhibitors like an extra day of sales and some like it for strategic reasons: for instance, if they find out Wednesday night a certain publication goes missing or is in high demand they can more easily get additional copies with a Thursday-Friday window than they could finding out by Thursday afternoon. Some exhibitors initially complained about Preview Night as a needless imposition to an already full weekend, and I imagine some still feel that way.

Registration was an issue going into the show. Professional registration took three to four hours on Wednesday afternoon in 2005, and new measures were imposed that confused a lot of people and had people thinking they'd be paying the fee for not registering early despite their best efforts. Heidi MacDonald seems to have heard second hand that the registration process was going smoothly. The one person I talked to -- I'm not there, or I would have, you know, gone and looked -- said the pro line was "ridiculous" when she got there, so she took the option of registering on-site as press in a line only two or three people long. This guy says that people were lining up for no reason. My hunch is that lines were still long but moved more quickly.


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For coverage throughout the day, particularly of the publishing news emerging from the show, I recommend my peers at The Beat, Newsarama, Comic Book Resources and The Pulse.
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