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July 21, 2006

Your 2006 San Diego Con Update

The year's biggest gathering of professional cartoonists and comics industry folk as well as an increasingly popular showcase for television, film, genre prose and toymakers, Comic-Con International, celebrated its first -- and some say the best -- day Thursday in a frightening business-as-usual sense.

You know, while I enjoy going to the San Diego Con, I'm never quite sure how it should be covered. There is usually some angle of covering the show as a business, like registration issues and the yearly rumors that the convention may move to Los Angeles; there is publishing news, although it's mostly of the pr-driven "Creator X Doing Comic Y" variety; the Eisner Awards are certainly a legitimate event, but they make a strange impression -- although I remember two people told stories about comics pros in bathrooms I couldn't tell you who won a single 2005 Eisner by name and category; and being more interested in art and business than people and personalities, I have a hard time working up much enthusiasm for "comics culture."

So what's left? There are still backroom discussions and some deal-making, and a lot of the kind of socializing that can later lead to work. It certainly has a touchstone quality, being a convention that's run the length of comics growth out of dead-end obscurity into a vital art form and along the life paths of that great generation of fans-turned-pros. But beyond, I'm kind of lost. Is this just a PR stage? Is covering it a waste of time? Is CCI a commercial event that people wish meaning onto in order to inject some status into an extended social occasion? .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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For supplemental coverage, particularly of the publishing news emerging from the show, I recommend my peers at The Beat, Newsarama, Comic Book Resources and The Pulse.
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