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March 24, 2010

Your 2009 NNA Cartoonist Finalists


Terry "Aislin" Mosher (Montreal Gazette), Brian Gable (Globe and Mail) and Malcolm Mayes (Edmonton Journal) will vie for top dog in the editorial cartooning category of the National Newspaper Awards to be announced mid-May. The awards have been given out since 1949, and receiving the honor seems to be a first-graph-of-obituary honor for many of its recipients.

Aislin's submissions included the above cartoon, about a humorous situation arising from a breach of etiquette by US First Lady Michelle Obama when meeting Queen Elizabeth -- the kind of thing that makes many people with some relationship to a queen hold their breath but no one in the US notices. Anyway, he makes a compelling point in the article at the above link about how cartooning has become deeply responsive to recurring imagery that gains a foothold via social media and through more traditional media channels. I'm not sure that hasn't always been true, and an upswing in responsiveness to such imagery and its resultant impact seems worth serious consideration.
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