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March 1, 2010

Your 2010 BPA Cartoonist Shortlist

The 2010 iteration of the British Press Awards released its lists of nominees for the 2010 version, including the Cartoonist Of The Year category. I have no context for figuring out if they're important -- I'm guessing people go both ways on them in that they've been around for several years but that between the press received and the sponsorships instigated they also are clearly some sort of profit-driver for the host company. Anyway, here is the list of the cartoonists on their shortlist, and since the coverage in North America of the UK political cartooning scene post-David Low defeating Hitler is almost non-existent, it could be that just having a list of cartoonists to check out could make such an awards program worthwhile..

* Peter Brookes, The Times
* Dave Brown, The Independent
* Nick Garland, The Daily Telegraph
* Michael Heath, The Mail on Sunday
* Stanley McMurtry, The Daily Mail
* Matt Pritchett, The Daily Telegraph
* Chris Riddell, The Observer

The Awards Ceremony will be held March 23.
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