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March 11, 2010

Your 2010 BSJA Cartoonist Winners


I made a solemn vow back in 2004 that this site would report each and every scrap of sports cartoon-related news that came its way, out of deference to a once towering and vital but definitely still out there expression of the art form. That is why we were so glad to see the results of the cartoonist category at the British Sports Journalism Awards. The winner was Paul Wood of The Premiersh*ts, which runs in Private Eye; while the runner-up was Nick Newman of the Sunday Times. The awards are voted upon by a short list of five to six peers, made public on the awards program's ballot. I believe without knowing 100 percent of sure that Newman is more explicitly that paper's "pocket cartoonist" -- the best job designation in cartooning -- and it's just that a number of his smaller illustrations and cartoons are either by design or accident sports-related.

that Wood cartoon is from recently, and probably wasn't one of the cartoons for which he won; it just occurred to me that with the John Terry story front and center Wood's cartoon must be a joy to do right now.
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