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November 18, 2010

Your 2010 City Of Andenne Prize Winner


The French-language comics industry news clearinghouse reports that the Festival de la BD et du livre pour enfant d'Andenne awards its grand prize to the cartoonist and illustrator Alain Mauricet. Mauricet is the author of a long list of successful serials, mostly it seems aimed at younger readers such as Bamboo's Basket Dunk series. I'm a sucker for sports comics. Mauricet is likely one of the few successful European cartoonists whose resume includes work for Image, DC and Crossgen.

Other awards went to the late André Geerts for Mamy Blues (this was an award from the presiding organization that usually goes to a cartoonist with a work out for the show) and to Julien Lambert (a "Young Hope" prize).
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