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March 4, 2010

Your 2010 Prix de la Meilleure BD adaptable a l’écran Nominees


One thing that the French-language comics culture/community/industry does that seems eminently sensible if not also highly amusing is foster an actual award for a comic property that seems well-suited for adaptation into TV or film, which they target and award at a festival that celebrates both comics and film -- mostly film I think -- enterprises. The news clearinghouse seems more excited than usual about this year's iteration of the Monaco festival because not only is there a quality head of that particular program (Jean-Claude Mezieres) but the wider festival has an honorary chair (Jean Van Hamme) with an extensive comics background.

Anyway, here are your 2010 nominees for Prix de la Meilleure BD adaptable a l'écran:

* Il etait une fois en France, Fabien Nury and Sylvain Vallée (Glénat)
* La Petite Fille Bois-Caiman, Francois Bourgeon (12bis)
* Rébétiko, David Prudhomme (Futuropolis)
* Commandant Achab, Stéphane Piatzszek and Stéphane Douay (Quadrants)
* Milan K, Sam Timel and Corentin (Les Humanoides Associés)

The festival in question takes place March 12-13. Van Hamme will receive an award for lifetime achievement on the 13th.
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