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November 19, 2010

The Witness’ Stidy Wins Vodacom Cartoonist Of The Year Award


Longest-running newspaper in South Africa The Witness profiles its first -- and I believe only -- full-time editorial cartoonist Anthony Stidolph, who works under the name Stidy. Their occasion for doing so is the self-taught artist's win of the Vodacom Cartoonist Of The Year award, given out during a ceremony in Johannesburg on November 12. Vodacom is a massive mobile communications company serving several countries in southern Africa, and gives out a variety of regional and national journalism awards. Zapiro is a past winner of one of their cartoonist awards.

Stidolph emigrated to South Africa in 1984 from Rhodesia and worked at a pair of magazines before being hired into his current position. He has recently made the news for joining with other journalists and cartoonists in solidarity against legislation they believe will severely restrict press freedoms.

A massive set of recent cartoons may be found here.
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