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February 1, 2016

Your 2016 FIBD Palmarès Officiel


What follows are the official prize winners from the 43e Festival International De La Bande Dessinée, given out over the weekend in Angouleme, France.

You can poke around on the site and find a few of the categories (Polar, Patrimoine, Jeunesse) where there's a list of easy-to-scan nominees. They also seem to pull some of their awards from their large list of official selections, and others from off the list altogether -- this kind of forces me out of presenting these the way I usually do.

So here are your winners.

* Prix Du Meilleur Album (Best Book): Ici, Richard McGuire (Gallimard)
* Prix Du Public (Public Prize): Cher Pays De Notre Enfance -- Enquete Sur Les Annees De Plomb De La Ve Republique, Benoit Collombat and Etienne Davodeau (Futuropolis)
* Prix Spécial Du Jury (Special Jury Prize): Carnet De Santé Foireuse Pozla (Delcourt)
* Prix De La Série (Best Series): Ms. Marvel Vol 1., Adrian Alphona and G. Willow Wilson (Panini)
* Prix Révélation (Strongest Debut): Une Etoile Tranquille -- Portrait Sentimental De Primo Levi, Pietro Scarnera (Rackham)
* Prix Jeunesse (Best Book For Younger Readers): Le Grand Méchant Renard, Benjamin Renner (Delcourt)
* Prix Du Patrimoine (Best Historical/Reprint): Père Et Fils -- Vater Und Sohn -- L'Intégrale, EO Plauen (Warum)
* Fauve Polar SNCF (Best Crime/Thriller Book): Tungstène, Marcello Quintanilha (Ca Et La)
* Prix De La BD Alternative: Laurence 666

As far as commentary, that strikes me as a sturdy list: I'm not sure how much I have to say beyound that. I don't have the breadth of knowledge of that market to know of any surprises, but I can't remember any citing the McGuire book going into the show as a potential best album winner. I know that book suffered a bit in the US from a take that some readers had that the book-length version wasn't as good as the original short story. For me, that's an astonishing book no matter how you look at it. G. Willow Wilson is the only female winner I see on this list, and it's fun to see that Ms. Marvel work acknowledged in a market that doesn't give that genre a ton of play.I'm looking forward to see the Benjamin Renner work when it makes it over here, that's been in the news a few times. As always, I'll be looking at the Alternative prize pretty closely to see what I can find in terms of new artists.

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