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February 3, 2006

Your Daily Danish Cartoons Update

Timed as if to end the week of escalating protests aginst last Fall's publication in Denmark of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammed on one more gut-wrenching twist, the U.S. State Department has come out in favor of the Muslim protestors' point of view, news sources say today, saying that with free speech comes with it an expectation of responsibility.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands march against the cartoons in Gaza City. Protests in London put some nasty invective on display, like these charming chants in London. Reuters reports that some sources are reaching out for conciliation at the same time. The conservative Brussels Journal, really the top blog in terms of time spent following this story since last Fall, has a round-up of recent extremist reaction and declarations. Liberation in France joins those European papers reprinting a number of the original cartoons. While they're going for the use of the art as "exhibits" in a news story, other papers are still publishing the cartoons out of solidarity, like this paper in Canada.

We're also starting to get the more considered journalistic weigh-ins, which should repeat for the Sunday papers. Here's a piece from The Nation, and the New York Times is running daily reports like this one.
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