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February 24, 2006

Your Daily Danish Cartoons Update

* The following are links to news of protests, political developments, economic boycotts, cartoonist reaction and editorial decision-making that can be linked back to Denmark's Jyllands-Posten newspaper publishing 12 cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammed last Fall. (early timeline; cartoons)

* Protests continue today.

* The New York Times covers this week's tragic run of events in Nigeria.

* It may be the optimism of a Friday morning with protests but not freakishly violent ones, but today feels like a slight intake of breath until what should be an outporing of political ramification coverage and editorializing that will, hopefully, be either the final chapter in the whole horrid affair or at least this cycle of it. Today the headliner is the Chechen prime minister backpedaling on barring Danish aid workers. Danish Prime Mininster Anders Fogh Rasmussen once again says basically, "No probe necessary, thanks" and seems more of a mind that this may be the end of a cycle rather than the affair altogether.

* In one of the strongest statements by a cartoonist yet, Doug Marlette at Salon calls much of the reaction in the West "gutless" and "brainless."

* Two regional round-ups: New York and Canada.
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