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February 28, 2006

Your Daily Danish Cartoons Update

* I think this will be the last one on a focused, daily basis, unless renewed violence starts another cycle.

* The following are links to news of protests, political developments, economic boycotts, cartoonist reaction and editorial decision-making that can be linked back to Denmark's Jyllands-Posten newspaper publishing 12 cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammed last Fall.

* We've officially moved into the lengthy, general analysis phase.

* Mike Rhode sends interesting word that while Ruben Bolling did effective strip in Tom the Dancing Bug on both the Danish Cartoons Controversy and the other politically charged publishing issue of the month, the Tom Toles vs. the Pentagon affair, both cartoons may have been underpublished in their usual, traditional outlets.

* There's some interesting political stuff today, kicking off with the European Union foreign ministers haggling over what should be in the EU statement on the affair. Nigerian governors condemn their recent riots. Looks like there will be a conference in Denmark for people to do a post-mortem. There's already one going on in Ohio.

* If I didn't generally like Wiley Miller's work, Paper Apologizes for Publishing Non Sequitur Cartoon would write its own joke. In other publication news, Michigan is late to the party with the whole school paper publishing the cartoons thing.

* Profile of Amitai Sandy and Eyal Zusman and their anti-Semitic cartoon contest.
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