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February 10, 2006

Your Daily Danish Cartoons Update

* At least one news sources is reporting 13 dead overall, all from protests and acts of reprisal that can be traced back to the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed in an issue of Denmark's Jyllands-Posten last Fall.

* In the top political story, Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen echoes Condoleeza Rice's claim that Syria and Iran have fanned the flames of protest for political purposes.

* In the top self-absorption story, I've now written enough blog entries on this matter I know the name of the Danish Prime Minister without looking it up.

* Here as promised is a link to yesterday's Talk of the Nation story, which looks to be more about poltical cartoons in general.

* Youth riots this morning in India, along with one Muslim leader proclaiming the worst may be yet to come. CNN also cites protests in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia and the Philippines. Looks like there was a Day 2 in South Africa.

* Slate answers the question of where all these Danish flags being burned come from.

* In boycott news, add poultry to dairy in terms of Danish food exports that are being hit in a measurable fashion. This is the first time I've seen calls to buy Danish products, which seemed inevitable.

* Flemming Rose's expressed desire to run Holocaust cartoons generated by a proposed contest in an Iranian paper has earned the Jylland-Posten editor a vacation.

* The Danish author Kaare Bluitgen, who was uniquely involved with this whole fiasco at the start, is saddened by the violence.

* If it's a hundred kilograms of gold to kill the "cartoonist" responsible, does that mean you have to kill all 12 cartoonists or that you get 100 per cartoonist? Also, do you get anything for killing one of the imams who faked cartoons that many feel were more offensive than the original 12?

* I've missed some cartoonists who spoke on the matter throughout the week: Tony Auth, Brian Duffy, Malcolm Evans, Khalil Bendib, and Nick Anderson. Nobel Peace Prize winner and writer Shirin Ebadi also commented in Arizona. I'm also told Jean-Christophe Menu sent out a statement through is e-mailed newsletter.
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