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February 14, 2006

Your Daily Danish Cartoons Update

* I'll stop writing when they stop rioting. Cheekiness aside, more deaths reported this morning.

* The top political story today -- all related back to the publication of cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammed in Denmark's Jyllands-Posten last Fall, is likely to be calls from Basra for Danish troops to be removed from Iraq. Unsurprisingly, the Danes say, "No."

* In the cartoonists making commentary section, I missed out on this longer profile of Khalil Bendib and his views on the matter.

* There are several articles I've missed on the journalistic treatment of both the issue and the cartoons: Wisconsin newspapers editors debate the issue, Poynter's on-line resources page on the story, a British magazine avoids publishing a related cartoon out of fear, and a survey of cartoonist by Reuters indicates that editorial cartoonists prefer to go back to being anonymous, thank you.

* Well, this certainly sounds like a bad idea. So does this.

* Bad! Bad institutionalized national celebrity!

* As predicted, the journalistic stunt at the start of it all ends up bringing in the issue of national intolerance, which can't be where the newspaper editors wanted to go.

* Put it behind us? Yes. Please. Let's. The quicker the better.
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