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June 14, 2015

Your Danish Cartoons Controversy Hangover

Indian politican Yaqub Qureshi made a not-unexpected call for New Delhi to cut off diplomatic relations with the Netherlands after their version of a right-wing political grinder, Geert Wilders, announced plans to show Muhammed drawings from the recent cartoon contest in Texas. Qureshi you might remember as the politician who said he would provide a cash reward to the Charlie Hebdo killers and put a bounty on the head of Kurt Westergaard.

I like this story because it mixes a bunch of the flourishes of Muhammed imagery stories into one giant Mulligatawny of political opportunism. It's also good to suss out the implications of what's being asked for. The line for acceptable behavior is placed at such a rudimentary point that there is no space in the world for anything other than simply barring that kind of speech at every level. This is significantly different than criticizing -- even savagely -- the use of such imagery.
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