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September 6, 2007

Your Danish Cartoons Do-Over Update

Swedish authorities have arrested a Muslim woman described as "deeply religious" for threatening Lars Vilks, whose caricature of Muhammed appeared in the newspaper Nerikes Allehanda, dredging up a roughly similar political and rhetorical reaction and, one guesses, somewhat terrifying memories of the riots and loss of life that greeted Muhammed caricatures published in Denamark in late 2005.

In further developments, the Swedish premier Fredrik Reinfeldt follows up meetings with his country's Muslim organizations by inviting ambassadors from countries where governments or major political parties have denounced the cartoon's publication to a meeting of their own.

Two things that are different about this event is that the cartoonist himself is speaking, and, in maybe the most vital distinction, he is being portrayed as the provoking agent as opposed to that falling on the newspaper that published it. I can't tell if that latter differentiation is just important to me or will actually prove to be important in how this thing develops, but I hope both.
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