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September 10, 2007

Your Danish Cartoons Do-Over Update

Stories related to a political controversy surrounding a Swedish newspaper's decision to publish a drawing of Muhammed as a dog created by Lars Vilks in a profile of the artist, which echoes the 2006 riots about similar caricatures published in a Danish newspaper:

* a fine, short news story on the meeting between Swedish Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt and ambassadors from other countries, which apparently went pretty well.

* Not feeling the love, the Muslim World League and its Secretary-General Dr. Abdullah Al-Turki urged authorities to punish the newspaper Nerikes Allehanda and the cartoonist.

* A Muslim group in Mangalore joins the list of significant political groups criticizing the newspaper's decision to run the cartoon. As a side note, it takes several people e-mailing my typically geographically ignorant American self to realize that Mangalore is a city in India, not a country, which makes it hard to write a cheesy joke.

* Another editorial adding its voice to the chorus of disapproval.
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