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September 18, 2007

Your Danish Cartoons Do-Over Update

image* Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks displayed at a 100-person seminar the cartoon that brought a bounty onto his head by extremists.

* the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists spoke out in support of Vilks in a piece that ran in Editor & Publisher. Hopefully, the AAEC will not be counted in the effort to support Vilks in any way that involves regular updates of their web site. (I'm kidding.)

* Metabunker pops in with an appropriate headline and an even more appropriate question in the body of the text.

* A reader sent a note saying that this newspaper has run an article about the original Danish cartoonists saying that the member of a suspected terror cell named AK has admitted to wanting to kill one of the cartoonists. Or any of them, really. If anyone knows of an English-language version of this article, let me know!
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