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September 21, 2007

Your Danish Cartoons Do-Over Update

More links relating to news about Muhammed caricatures and cartoons and related imagery, up to and through their resulting protests in Sweden, Bangladesh, and anywhere else -- basically anything informed by the 2006 Danish Cartoons Controversy and its political turmoil, boycotts, riots and deaths.

* the Justice Chancellor of Sweden, Georan Lambertz will not pursue action against the publication Nerikes Allehanda for publishing Lars Vilks' cartoon of a Muhammed's head on a dog's body, it was decided.

* Here's a summary article on the Lars Vilks situation to date, including a total rock star quote in the headline from Vilks.

* A Lithuanian editorialist reminds that you can't take the latest escalation in dialog about Muhammed cartoons as representative of all Muslims, because Muslims aren't really united like that.

* Lars Vilks gallery/plea for beheading found here.

* The last paragraph of this article suggests two wild variations on what happened to allow into print a Bangladeshi cartoon making a wordplay joke about Muhammed, which resulted in the cartoonist's arrest and the editor's firing: an editor says it was a mistake, a government official says it was a conspiracy. This editorial by Mahmud Rahman (no relation) talks about the situation and informs us that the arrested Rahman is only 20 years old.

* Thirty people were hurt in a protest related to the Rahman cartoon; the newspaper's editors ask forgiveness for themselves, and mercy for Rahman.

* This wire article on the Michael Ramirez cartoon depicting extremists as cockroaches ropes in the opinion of Nik Kowsar, whose friend Mana Neyestani was once jailed over the use of a cockroach as a cartoon visual element.
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