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February 23, 2012

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* protesters tossed eggs at the artist Lars Vilks, who half-assed a few cartoon-like drawings of the Prophet Muhammad as a dog in the wake of the original Danish Cartoons Controversy, during a lecture at a university in Sweden. Vilks should be left alone and should receive nothing in the way of censure or threats of physical harm for making a drawing; still, I find the easy conflation of what he did with the actual Danish Muhammad caricaturists sort of insulting, and I'm not all the way certain why. It's like hearing about a little kid who ran into the foreground of a photo of something genuinely upsetting to give the camera the finger.

* a politician in Bahrain has asked his fellow members of government to reconsider a recent deal made with Denmark because of the original cartoons controversy.

* what is the proper socialist response to incidents such as these? This article tries to suss that out.
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