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March 2, 2010

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* the Danish Comics Council has made public their statement on the matter of Politiken reaching a settlement with eight international Muslim organizations on the matter of their having re-published Kurt Westergaard's bomb-in-turban cartoon in 2008. Even though the paper made clear that they were apologizing for the insult to Muslim sentiment rather than the publication itself, the Council believes that this has trouble free speech implications. As much as I've spent some of my own commentary time castigating free speech stunts or the choice to make a political point over simply and more directly doing one's job as a journalistic enterprise, I do believe that kind of speech is as fully protected as any and agree that the apology was ill-considered.

* here is what seems to me a pretty typical piece of editorial criticism of the Politiken settlement.

* the same coalition that extracted the settlement from Politiken is targeting 15 other newspapers, this report says.
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