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March 5, 2010

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* yahoo's business wire was nice enough to pick up on the press release from the law firm of Ahmed Zaki Yamani on their wringing an apology and agreement from the newspaper Politiken. I think this is a fairly damning press release because it claims that its agreement with Politiken involves than an apology for offending people; it actually includes not to republish the imagery again, ever. That's just... well, that's just kind of awful on any kind of free speech front and if true I don't know that doesn't constitute a capitulation and admission that what a newspaper might be asked to do, that paper by virtue of this agreement just won't do.

* here's a student-penned profile of Kurt Westergaard currently making rounds, including a pretty standard critique of the seeking-apology track: that if there are apologies to be made, they should come from a variety of actors in the whole sad affair, not just (and perhaps not even primarily) the newspapers publishing the imagery.
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