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March 8, 2010

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* a newspaper in Saudi Arabia is claiming that Kurt Westergaard died in a fire and that there's a cover-up as to his passing.

* thirty-eight members of the Danish daily newspaper Politiken wrote a letter that appeared in Saturday's edition saying they regretted the fact that the paper apologized for offense according to an arrangement worked out with a representative of multiple Muslim groups, and are against that apology.

* I got a note from Matthias Wivel on that apology that indicates that a statement by that representative, Saudi Arabian Lawyer Faisal Yamani, overstated the extent of the apology to include assurances the imagery would never be used again. Wivel's studied the situation closely and has been critical of the apology, but says he can't find that as a part of that to which Politiken agreed.

* at least one person has now left one of the Danish Cartoons as a sign of protest Jack Chick tract-style.

* some folks liked the Politiken settlement.

* another heartbreaking report of reprisal killings in Nigeria recalls those that died in 2006 in Danish Cartoon Controversy-related violence.

* finally, a blogger makes a big deal out of the fact that newspaper refer to Muhammad as the Prophet Muhammad but will drop the Christ from Jesus Christ.
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