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March 18, 2009

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* passages related to defamation of religion added after the Danish Cartoons Controversy have been dropped from a draft declaration made by a UN conference on racism.

* Anjem Choudary, the main organizer of the London anti-Danish Cartoons rally that led to the eventual arrest and conviction of three of its secondary organizers/instigators, is now being investigated on charges related to fund raising for certain organizations. I find it fascinating that the protest story is recalled in terms of providing context for this one, because they don't link up for me and this suggests they made a greater impression over there than I maybe realized.

* a writer looks at the use of the Danish Cartoons as an example of talking about crazy foreign people in a bit of American humor that, while I wouldn't agree is propaganda, seems to me close to easy, rattle-the-cages pandering and a depressing legacy given the vacuum for discussing that material and those events earlier and in more sober fashion.
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